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History of McArthur Welding 
In the words of our Founder, Eldon McArthur

In June 1942 I came out of the mission field and since the war had started there were no jobs available here. All who could work had to go elsewhere. Most work was in the war-related industries. I went to school to learn the welding trade. Since there were no local welders here, I was asked to do a few jobs.


The city needed some work done and also the county. Since I had learned a few basics, I took their jobs on. After finishing these few small jobs, I went into the ship yards for two years and into the military for one year. After the war, I came back and picked up where I left off and was the only welder in the area for several years.


Since I was willing to try, I learned to do what others were afraid to do. Consequently, I received a lot of good advertising by word of mouth.


"If it can be done, he will do it." I trained and taught welding in the College and High School besides running my own business.


By taking on every job that came along, a good reputation has been built. We are now the premiere shop of the area. We build wrought iron, fabricated steel, weld and erect, weld stainless and aluminum, and other exotics, do powder coating, welding repair, specialty items, circular and straight stairs and railings, gates custom cutting and fitting, sell concrete pre-cast, and other related items.

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