Here at McArthur Welding, we provide a numerous amount of services. Below is a list of our general projects that we have worked on but if there is a specific project you have that is not listed here, give us a call or stop by and we can give you a quote on whether we can do it! Under our contact tab, you can also submit a project to get a rough quote estimate for any of our services.

Custom Gates


This is our specialty! Our custom gates are known for their personalization and quality. We will come and measure whatever area you need to keep closed in and then we will sit down with you to make sure your gate matches your preferred design and lifestyle. We have the ability to design just about anything. Take a look at our gallery and see just how diverse our gates have been.



Whether you need your pool to pass inspection or you need to keep the dog in, we can make a railing for all of your needs. Just like our gates, every one of our railings are personlized. We can make it simple and discrete or add in some spirals and knucklesto give your home some liveliness. Most importantly, we will make sure it passes all the required codes while looking good!

Powder Coating


Our powder coating process has been proven to endure longer than any simple paint job. Our recommended three step routine consists of a sand blast session to ensure all previous coatings are removed, a layer of powder coat picked from our large amount of colors and textures, and a final primer sealant to help withstand any element that is thrown its way. We powder coat anything made out of steel, stainless steel, or aluminum including gates, railings, signs, tire rims, and any other peice of metal that is in need of a new color touch up. 

Plasma Cutting


Our plasma machine combineds an electric arc with various gases to create a fourth state of matter known as plasma. Once combined, this material is then squeezed through a restricted opening (nozzle) at a high speed that is strong enough to slice through many different metal products. Whether the metal is thick ro thin, our plasma maching can cut it into any desired design. We can make house numbers or wall decorations. Bring your idea by and our designer will draw it up leaving the rest to our plasma machine. 



We do some projects that require some pretty heavy lifting. To help us with this, we have our own crane services on site. If you are in need of a crane, we do hire out our crane services that do not pertain to McArthur Welding projects. If you have any questions on pricing or availability, give our crane specialist a call.


Joe McArthur - (435) 680 - 4920